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    {Aesop Rock}
    I take 10 steps with a bedlamped vision
    Study the disorders we've absorbed inside the village
    I understand the plagues and shake hands with my grimace that remain up in
    my face like top to bottom train car feelings
    Lets question the ascension of a broken social icon in various domino affect
    I'm blow this hex over the mission
    Just to administer the indoor sucker punch to (?) it's pitiful condition

    {C-Rayz Walz}
    With no alibi love is used as a guide by the civilized
    Some see it as the body heat you feel when you close your eyes
    That's so much of a lie, you can leave your hair dyed and scorch your roots
    As the truth hits your ears begin to cry
    "Why Is It Like This!" Why the fuck do I care?
    I don't have the answers, or at least the ones you want to hear
    City lights look like bright groups of fire flies
    Many see the truth (the proof) only when the liar dies
    Tires screech to a halt, the ground cries
    Spit sparks speak to the streets
    The skid marks are replies
    Read discussions of what we rode through entrenched in the vocals]
    The hopeless stay hopeful (the toxic fumes choke you)
    As I walk out my door, step into the pollution
    (I breathe in the problems) exhale solutions
    Physically the situation's hard to stop
    I had a wicked jump shot and sold crack rock on back blocks
    Casualties in this apocalypse (street chronicle)
    abnormal abdominals (push-ups phenomenal)
    Relaxin drinking my 6-pack maxing
    faxing my thoughts on the satellite, via Donahue (push it)
    Table talk, salt and pepper conversation
    Integrated sectors, metropolis and mecca
    It's a conspiracy (you know), I can't lie dukes
    Sometimes I feel the rats got a better deal than I do

    {Aesop Rock}(Chorus)
    It goes thieves, bandits, low lives, scum
    Punks that buckle under the rumple of my drum
    Steadily searching for something new under the sun
    But it's stagnant, act of development first of madness

    Thieves, bandits, low lives, scum
    Punks that buckle under the rumple of my drum
    Steadily searching for something new under the sun
    But it's hurtin, act of development first diversion

    {C-Rayz Walz}
    A new universe in ancient, so I stay patient
    In a gravel pit, travelin thoughts and ravelin, pacing
    Embracing light of America, and found a shade of darkness (underground)
    The traincar used to be my apartment
    Sick of people rushin in the doors before I get out
    Conductors closing the doors before I get in, I shout
    "The Biz is Coming, The Biz is Coming!" ?
    Don't get worried now (We've been in a cold world!)
    We just getting flurries now?

    {Aesop Rock}
    Yeah, it's like sloooowww dooowwwn,
    You're movin much to fast to bust through the finale fashioned glass
    it's delicate demeanor and I teach you how to hang
    But we like 1970 something 20 clicks outside your name (tear obedience)
    I apologize for the faulty academics
    but they placed us in a miserable stasis
    I let bygones be bygones
    But tryin to see eye to eye with the face lift
    just aint working the way the manual paints it
    See I soak in a blue note factory
    While most cats hassle bandits lamping (?) solo
    And when the last red brick topples over the earth
    to intercept your crooked little mess
    I can be found in a social coma directly to your left
    Engaged in a conversation, a marvel with my breath
    Regarding how to document the shady baby steps
    I bounce checks like a modern
    Sleep with one eye open while the other two drift
    together specimens from the promise land
    This for the thinkers
    This for the erchants allergic to they own stingers
    This for the absurd verdict linkers
    This for that cat at my shows that's always got prophetic opinions
    but can't remember where his drink is
    I'm wallowing, shrugging I'm plugging your corporation
    Cause we alley cats addicted to the sickly warped sensation
    Answer this: when all that's said and done
    are you a memorable troop or just a lab rat on the run
    Choose one


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