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    APPLESEED (one, two)
    Yeah. yeah- i recall the
    First time i bumped heads with my
    Head led to a dead bargain, a
    "thanks for nothin, lowlife", and a
    Start of "beg my pardon, "when a
    Dust mite harbored spite it barely
    Dents the cicada phase, blades a-
    Verted. decorate the backs of
    Freedom fighters, servants pick those
    Steeples higher, man the loose can-
    Nons, "pennin for gold" "nah pennin for
    Chance to land in camps branded with
    "push" stamped on their hand" lets
    Push. lets push up through the
    Now, lets evoke a vow of
    Zipped lips clipped to my peaking
    Brow (i'm sleeping now) i seen im-
    Maculate hearts blemished
    Under the mass of genie bottle
    Hostages who wish that a
    Third to her broken promises.
    Black spot of gotham, fragile
    Castle and master passageway.
    Even the innocent captives
    Bleed appleseed apple
    Seed, leave me with a breeding
    Hassle factor's feet. pin the
    Tail on the village idiot
    Turn giddy click stern greet a
    Burn it basics laid with the
    Modes of neurotic nitpicking
    Patrons and their pseudo potent
    Patronage ahh mood of the moment
    Gloated in splendor of it's
    Greatness and i'm hella swamped
    Truly moody in my
    Days makeshift awakeness
    Act as if apathy's been your
    Best friend since the bonding i'll one
    Up you with love letters from de-
    Spondency, honestly appleseed.

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