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    The day when my breath will expire
    The universe will too, so it means never
    Inside you all I will light my fire
    A fire that will forever burn... for me

    I possess your souls, souls of emptiness
    I'll repair your minds and make you my slaves

    The sky is red like blood, my heart is black and def
    I bless you all, under my sword, I'm fierce, I'm cursed,
    I'm the lord

    I'm the eternal ruler, and so I will always be the same
    Cause I will burn inside you all as an eternal flame
    My veins are burning, and blasting out the light
    Now you can see what is left of my crying heart

    Necromancer is what I am
    With enthusiasm you pronounce my name
    I'll ensoul you all inside, I gave you my sign
    I can do whatever, cause you are all... mine

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