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    [Music: D. Dlimi / Lyrics: T. Dahlstr÷m]

    You invoke your god
    You kneel before the crucifix
    Praying loud
    A thousand prays that don't exist
    It makes me sick
    When you caress that cross
    Wearing it around your neck
    My fingers itch
    Want to break your fucking neck
    I would love to kill you
    Taste the fist of hell
    Awaits you does Misery
    Dead fucking the dead in the house of god
    Born a Christian you were already dead from the start
    Like a parasite you feed from others
    Suffering I will deliver to you
    Stand in my way and I will give you some pain
    Like you never have felt it before
    I hate your existence
    I hate your existence
    I hate your existence
    I hate your existence

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