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    You say you can love me better,
    If only I just let you, show me,
    Things I never seen before,
    You say you can fill my cup,
    Screaming with just one touch,
    Your name, all over this room baby ohhhhhh

    Let's roll, I'll give you a chance to give it to me,
    Ten inches deep, deep inside of me, make my body over flow,
    Let's roll, you promised to do what you said,
    The way im coming in my bed, slowly, harder, faster

    Im gonna slip my panties off,
    I hope your man enough to get me off,
    Victoria has no secrets tonight,
    Just you and me sexing all night,
    (I've never seen something so beautiful baby),
    Give it to me, like you promised,
    (don't hold back at all)


    No more talking shit, make me slap my hips, man up,
    Back to front, show me what's up, you know what I want yeah,
    You like to cuddle up, now give me some, on my knees,
    In between my cream, ten inches deep yeah

    [Chorus out]

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