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    *speaking * yeah, Adina Howard back atchya, once again.

    Baby don't come too fast lets do it nice and slow tonight,(aright)
    Itll be like a merry go round when were gettin down when were gettin down
    Don't come too fast for once juss take your time tonight,(take your time) juss try to make it last
    Don't come too fast (yeah)

       - verse 1 -
    Tell me how it's gonna be, one of those freaky nights
    'cause we is gonna take our time when were gettin down (gettin down)
    When were gettin down,(gettin down)
    Im gonna make it far, ...???...(cmon)
    And honey baby u can't stop, untill im pleased.

    So take your sweet time don't getchur self excited.
    Don't getchya self exited, 'cause u might come too fast.


          - Verse 2 -
    (second verse)
    baby don't loose controll and make it last
    'cause im at the point of no return
    Don't come toofast baby
    This feelin that i have wont last forever
    So baby lets take our time (huh)
    And come together.

                     -chorus x -

    Well go round and round like a merry go round when were gettin down
    Gettin down
    So don't comne too fast
    Juss make it last
    Make it last

                   - chorus and speakin -

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