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    You know I want to bone you,
    I want to make a hole in you,
    I'm gonna get fat,
    You know I get a hat for you too,
    fuck fuck me baby,
    now where have you gone,
    I'm a little bit older,
    I know what I want.

    Holding you lady,
    is running me down,
    strumming the cages,
    each town after town.

    You hung the jury,
    the children were tried,
    \\"what do you want?\\"
    she lived days inside,
    with a piece of Bargain Home,
    into my world,
    wrapped in the kingdom,
    each girl after girl,
    white women!

    One Texas hold 'em,
    then she struck like a queer,
    \\"what do you want?
    I'll never hear\\"
    In a notion ocean,
    Daddy tropical song,
    little piece of Bargain Home,
    please don't get caught,

    I'll never wait,
    I'll never wait,
    I'll never wait,
    I'll never wait

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