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    In the front of the line,
    And I'm back at home.
    I wanna live my life
    In a bathtub.
    Roll the dirty dice,
    And you're paying blood.
    Stole a maxi pad,
    As I abandon love.

    It reminds me of
    Salty candy,
    Semen shanties.
    Sailboats grinding
    Up against your back.

    I don't need no
    Penis stencil.
    Feelings rising,
    opposites attract!

    She made me feel so small,
    I had no say at all.
    She looked so cute, they say,
    But I don't know her that way.

    Heaven hold me back,
    Got 20 lives.
    Got my Jesus jammies,
    Need some exercise.
    Take a walk at night
    Past the dating bar.
    I wanna live my life
    Like a track star.

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