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    Father owned the dating bar so mother ran the store
    We all lived there together with the army at the door
    No one to do my laundry or to tell me that they're sure
    But there really is no me and there's no army at the door

    I hustle my way to your bedside
    I ride on your body like a cab ride
    I carry refreshments to the good guys
    I made the good guys some home fries

    Pardon me anyone where is the nearest shore
    We're all in this together and the police are at the door
    Someone do my laundry or smash me through the floor
    To the tropical vacation buried underneath the store

    And I was your favorite bullfighter
    Whose looks were new to your eyes
    And i fell apart in that bullfight
    Where the dress was the sky to your thighs

    She said that she had an hour
    Her father he was in the shower
    And she took me to her little tower
    And she showed me her little flower

    And just when i thought it was safe to put down my pen
    She said maybe i will let you fall in love with me again
    Maybe i will let you fall for loving me again
    Then she showed me her badge and i think she said then

    That i don't have the heart to tell you not to come
    And everyone has hands just to use someone
    And it makes me feel just like old gum
    To ride a fake horse into town
    To ride a lame horse into town
    To ride a dead horse into town
    To ride your big f*cking fake f*cking lame f*cking dead horse into town

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