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    Down on the street there's a police attack
    And you've got to find out
    So you suck on a cranberry candy
    They look so sad when you call 911
    But you've got to report them for
    Criminal classification
    What can I do? White light turns into blue
    You know it's easy, so very easy
    I'm in trouble like a dirty stinking jew
    Pepe Le Pew singing 'What can I do?'
    Still I go on vacations
    And act like the queen of injustice
    And the girl on the subway who sleeps on her back
    And she's got to relax
    When I speak of the pleasures of silence
    I want to play, who threw my toys away
    And gave me coffee, who wants some coffee?
    I'm in business on the wrong side of your bay
    My heart be still, white light deploy at will
    My little brother, I want another
    Come together now for one enchanting thrill

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