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    Bartholemew bring me a fork
    There's a minstrel parade on tv
    Let the lights glow, an excellent reason
    To stay home tonight

    Oh the old men wave their canes
    They have yesterday's brains
    And their worlds stop turning on sundays
    The young lives are clipped
    And smudged on the rocks
    Distorted and forgotten

    Quietly she enters the room
    But we can't talk, we can not be seen
    Returning her new pair of jeans
    Just to stay home tonight

    Oh the mirror always shows
    There's a stranger in my clothes
    Standing on the third rail
    Lost at sea
    searching for me
    And we don't know how to sail

    So if you go to guitar store
    You will see me again
    Holding the door
    It's an excellent night to sleep on the floor
    If you stay home tonight

    Oh i saw you before
    In the guitar store
    I was lonely, lazy and useless
    And Bartholemew moans
    To the counterfeit clones
    When he feels like he's not a human

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