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    Apples, I'm home
    Gonna grab a f*ck  (Maybe play some hockey)
    My mouth is a liar (beware)
    My feet are on fire (who cares)
    I've never been shy-er (i'm not scared)
    If everyone's bumping around
    Knowers know to know and
    Goers go to go and
    Show-ers show to show and
    No one's gonna ask your name
    When you fade into forever
    (i can't figure out the lyrics to this line. can anyone help?)
    How can anyone say right or wrong (i love you)
    And then tell you you're ok

    Oh I loved the ground once
    And i kept my fingers warm
    Everything was true
    Everything was true

    When your
    Penis fell apart and
    No one had a heart and
    No one had a chart to
    Show you the right way
    Had to be a creature
    Without specific features
    There were no teachers
    To tell you what to say (rip out your guts)


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