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    [music & lyrics by jos]

    Guilt is growing in my head
    Building on a painful past
    Distorting all i think and see
    My mask is your reality

    Innosense on it's own
    Among the tempting forces
    I'd so much like to fit in
    But i'm a victim of society


    Our depreciated world
    One big chicken house
    Filled with selfishness
    Is growing worse
    Hypnotized, then wide awake
    I had to shift the blame to me
    Then sliding into
    A sickening pit of beastial pleasure

    Performed my fear and fantasy
    Forgot about reality
    Acted compulsive, non-intentionally
    Bear the truth deep in me


    Unstoppable, on the first impulse
    Desperate, the only way to forget
    Immediate, relief, social isolation
    Bitterness, the price of control


    Now living with the burden
    In my callous brain
    Reliving this certain crime each day
    My punishment is here to stay


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