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    [Lyrics: Vikas, Music: Vikas]

    Spent my days in agony
    All those years come haunting me
    Wasted years of blasphemy
    I do finally see it

    Salvation in opacity
    Judging by my own reality
    Lost in this world of phalusy
    Blazin serpents twistin my head

    Soul corrosion
    Eating out my heart and wisdom
    Seekin a light in this holy daze
    Soul corrosion
    On towards the pit of emptiness
    Wearin out my inner sanctum

    W/ every breath it's growin strong
    Thoughts wrestle in a swan song
    Can't find myself in this dreaded fog
    All the demons lurkin somewhere

    Save me fom this spell of hell
    Burnin questions as the seconds fell
    My own enemy my other self
    Seems my moment's finally here


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