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    [Lyrics: Anubhav, Kshitish, Music: Vikas]

    As the world I see shrink to the point where we exist
    We reach a point of nothingness and selffulness
    Our point of faliure, is to high to experience
    We can't live this way to just exist

    We are baptised, In our own thoughts
    We move inside, the demon sees it all


    I kill myself
    I just can't die
    I just can't feel the end
    Of my own time

    I try again
    The soul won't go away
    12 faliures I've tried
    Another Suicide attempt

    As the worlds collapse, by it's own roots
    Imposed Upon me what the world to see in me
    Though I percieve, change my thoughts for their thoughts
    Here I am clapsed claws, mylife that's all

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