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    The walls have ears, the windows have eyes
    And a wise man tells no lies
    The walls have ears, the windows have eyes
    And a dead man tells no lies


    No lies, no lies, no lies
    And a dead man tells no lies

    If these walls could talk
    They would tell you things you wouldn't believe
    These windows have seen sights you couldn't imagine
    And it can't be erased by windex or a coat of paint


    For each and every wall that ever stood it has a story
    Some are not so obvious and some are self-explantory
    It's padded wall in my laboratory
    They're lookin through the keyhole of you dormitory
    Meanwhile, up in my observatory, my telescope sees the glory
    And it also sees the horror and the gory they speak derogatory
    These walls in this hotel room
    Tell more tales about fat tales and head
    It was heard but never said, instead the walls bleed
    Yeah, while they bleeding
    You could hear the couples cheating, undercover meetings
    Behind these seedy motel walls best believe they had it all
    Wreaking balls don't bounce against the wall
    To make that building fall
    The walls outside my apartment complex
    Building projects are so complex
    Yet they are taken all out of text
    Like the wall of berlin, the wall of 'nam, the wall of china
    And my tag on the wall as a reminder


    Now of course the eyes are the true windows to the soul
    As well as the window to the world's soul
    Whether plain glass or stained glass
    Every set of eyes has a set of windows with a set of eyes

    Now tell me what the world would be
    If we did not have windows (we did  not have windows)
    You would hardly ever catch the criminal or see the swindle
    Everyone inside would need a/c when they assemble
    A private penitentiary at home is what it might resemble
    See my window-pane got so much pain
    The glass is busting out the frame
    So let the candle kindle in the window as a symbol
    I be leavin' my window open hoping that i might get a breeze
    But when the wind comes in the eyes
    Come in and eyes don't seem to want to leave
    Because spying eyes by eyeing the prize
    And eyeing on your movement
    You can change your wall and windows
    With some building home improvement
    But looky looos they still be trying
    You look inside your window
    The walls will hear it ever single time you voice crescendos
    It's enough to make you tremble, leave you in limbo
    Can it also be simple?
    Because these are fundamentals
    For the mental so don't get sentimental
    Because these are not your windows
    These wall are really rentals
    They know everything your into
    And all the business that you tend to
    So keep your windows rolled up
    And don't hold up the wall against the floor
    And while you're window shopping
    Don't bother stopping at my store
    I put a note in the window, but you couldn't read what is said
    So i took a rock and carved it in the glass and it read:



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