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    On the nineteenth day of October at one a.m.
    Nineteen ninety seven
    I had a vision
    No, well not exactly like a vision
    No but like a sight
    Well not exactly like a sight but more like a dream
    Yeah like a daydream
    Like two scenes short of a nightmare
    Except I wasn't scared
    Looking at the lines of these mean mugs
    Extremely super beamed up drugged
    Induced with extra juice in their jugs
    Try'na hold a tight hug
    To tonight's pocket rocket
    With a flicker of a spark in their eye socket plugs
    My shoulders shrugged as to the meaning of this encounter
    Trying to find something to read into
    What's this going to lead into?
    A lesson or just another brother confessing?
    Either way he's expressing mind
    But I was pressing for time
    Now show me some type of sign that your words are divine
    But he just stood there
    Choked up
    His talk box all broke up
    With no real use of his God giving any more just living
    I watch 'em all walk into the flames
    When they could walk into the vastness of their brains

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