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    "Yeah, one, two
    one, two
    Where you at?
    Where you goin' to?
    What you gon' do about it?
    What you gon' be about it?
    Project Blowed, Abstract, Fat Jack, Aceyalone
    Ladies and gentlemen, good people
    Yeah, good brothers good sisters on deck

    Dig this, peep the twist
    Hand over fist, handstand on the cliff
    Layin' stiff, expand on the gift
    Uplift the masses, and pass me the spliff

    It's a love thang, it's a hate thang
    It's a great thang, Cali, to the state of mang
    It's a world thing, and I'm a soldier
    Always a war goin' on, it's never over
    I make music, for the people
    Who try to live a good life and keep it peaceful
    And be resourceful, and keep achievin'
    Every season, we represent the reason
    I'm from the fellowship, I'm from the projects
    I tell all access is the object
    It's to beautiful, it's so painful
    I do the work, and don't forget where I came from

    The saga continues
    On the road again
    To different venues
    We rescue
    We step true

    Because we got that soul
    The lonely
    The only
    The MC's of the Project Blowed
    What you gonna do about it?
    What you gonna be about it?

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