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    You want to know the reason
    You want to know the reason
    The reason is we gotta have those guidelines
    I'ma break the guidelines
    I'ma move the barriers
    I'ma cross over the barricade
    And we gotta have balance
    The reason is balance
    The reason is everything gotta be weighed out and smoothed out
    And be in perfect harmony wit' each other
    You know want i'm saying
    The energy gotta be there
    You know what i'm saying
    The reason is the hurt
    The reason is the hold
    The walls, the windows, they got eyes, they got ears
    The jabberwocky, the test of the manhood
    We got the grandfather clock
    We gotta have time
    We gotta have the reason
    We gotta know the march
    We gotta know about the faces, face the faces
    We gotta have the hunt, the hunter has to die, the hunted has to die
    So we have the thief in the night
    We gotta have the thief
    The reason is the thief
    The reason is it's all human language
    It's all human language
    It's for you, it's for him, it's for her, it's for all of us
    It's human language
    That's the reason
    You wanna know the reason
    That's the reason

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