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    Excuse me, does anyone have the time?


    If you knew what makes me tick
    It'll probably make you sick
    Lay my days of my life in front of you
    And i'll let you take your pick
    Come on
    Pull back the curtain but make sure that you are certain
    That it will be worth the energy that you end up exerting
    Now walk past the doorway step in the foyer
    Don't you bother knocking
    I'm a grandfather clockin' everything you do
    I'm seeing through you faultiness
    So sprinkle me but not with saltiness
    The ghetto taught me this
    I fought for this, i fight for this, i spend my life for this
    And if you put your brain to work it ain't hard to decipher this
    Counting down the days boy closer to your doom
    Time keeper for the reaper, the family heirloom
    Like staring at my grandfather clock inside my room
    It'll never miss a tick-tock, it strikes everyday a noon
    Every hour on the hour, it'll sing a tune
    Every half hour ot'll croon and yell out at the moon
    You can't escape the master time, no one is immune
    The hands of time will grab you when the moments opportune

    No one is immune
    When the moments opportune

    Carved from a tree trunk bark
    What a wonderful work of art
    Well i usually wear my sundial
    But it don't work when it's dark
    (don't work when it's dark)
    No electric parts spark as mechanical as he is
    He'll kindly say just wind me and then show me where the key is
    Then i go about my day and i flow about the way
    He never has nothing to say, he just sits there on display
    I seen one in the cafe, one inside the cabaret
    Timekeeper for the reaper, what a pretty price to pay


    So don't you bother knockin' at, i'm a grandfather clokin'
    Everything you do, i'm seeing through your masquerade
    At midnight you will hear the serenade and don't you be afraid
    It's like clock work orange lemonade with the bottomless glass
    When it's time for that ass!!
    My grandfather clock goes
    Tick-tock 3x
    The pendulum is swinging and it just don't ever stop
    My grandfather clock goes
    Tick-tock 2x
    My grandfather clock

    I used to have this coo-coo clock
    That would bother my grandfather clock
    Never gave it no rest so i flew over the top of the nest
    And then at my request i ask him to resign
    He was never on time, one hour behind
    At ten, he stuck at nine
    But he did not fuck with mine cause i murdered that machine
    If you ever beat the clock you know exactly what i mean
    (exactly what i mean)
    I hold my grandfather clock in high esteem
    My alarm clock screams cause he knows how long it takes me
    But my grandfather clock leans over and he shakes me
    And they both race against time to see who will be
    The first to wake me
    But when i became awoke my alarm clock was broke
    And my grandfather clock was staring right down my throat
    And he leaned a little bit closer and he told and i quote:
    "if you ever race against me,  you will surely come up short,"
    He said, "i'm better than your timex, your rolex or your swatch
    Your fossil, casio, quartz, your diamond studded watch,"
    He said, "i control how long you stay alive
    I'ma tap you on you shoulder at eleven fifty-five"
    When the time arrives and then and only then
    You'll have your five minutes of funk
    I said my final salutations as i stepped amongst the monks
    Then he took me exactly where i stodd like he should
    And i tried to reason with him and i tried knocking on wood
    But he said


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