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    Gather around, gather around
    We are about to spark this potential energy
    and we gonna channel it to one source
    because the energy can, and will be dictated
    in any direction, in any situation
    any which way any one shall choose
    Right now since I'm the center of this energy
    I choose to make it positive energy
    And as for the negative energy
    I'm gonna overpower the negative energy
    because I know it's out there and it's like a disease
    And see, once my light magnifies, the disease dies
    Ya understand once my light magnifies the disease dies
    The energy
    Yeah, disease can't fight oxygen and light
    I box em in so tight, nowhere they gon' go
    And jiggawatts is low, they won't know what hit em
    I warn em, then I let the energy submit em
    Police yourself, increase your wealth
    so you can live longer and stronger, for real doe
    I don't know what you subject to
    but I suppose it, ain't a bed of roses
    And neither is mine, so let the energy combine
    There's strength in numbers, there's no need to wonder
    or slumber, or blunder
    From the Land Down Under the pipe storms drain
    Wouldn't hurt so good but it's, not pain
    I mean it hurts so good but it's, not pain
    I said it hurts so good but it's, not pain
    Just the electric charge comin from the mainframe
    and my main aim to dig through the dirt, stay alert
    Insert the power cord so my energy will work
    Pure energy spurts, sporadic, automatic
    mathematic melodramatic -- acrobatic
    Diplomatic, charisssssmatic
    Even my static, asiatic
    Microphone fanatic 'Alone
    Blown in, in the whirlwind
    Eye of the storm, make the energy transform
    and convert, introvert turn extrovert
    Assert myself to eliminate the hurt

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