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    In front of the mic, behind the limelight

    A star so bright shines refined advancement

    Dance with the last man on the face of the earth

    Who did the electric sl-i-i-ide over the verse

    Hands held high, connect the antennas

    Do or die when we fly, face the grimace

    Yeah let's get this off you ready, Fast Eddie

    Drop a load on 'em, wrong folks got a hold on 'em

    Put the Blowed on 'em, roll on 'em

    Roll over 'em, no control over 'em, over me

    Outwardly, inwardly, openly, awkwardly

    Happily, dastardly, tragedy and casualty

    Same story same flight

    Where they put yo' body same strip same spot, same endin

    Same car, same engine, same tension brewin

    Give me the steel, what the FUCK is you doin?

    You done enough it's not enough, act two

    I'm runnin up it's not a bluff, I'm bout to crack you

    Nonchalant, idiot savant no comp

    Romp, with the big guys, stomp all the pies

    Kick the box, light these M-80's

    Ladies grab your babies, run for safety

    I don't think it may be a, good idea to stand here

    You have no idea of what the FUCK'S about to land here

    Smart bombs, J-DAMS, bring mayhem

    Hold up, god damn, it's just a party

    Dirty red carpet and you walk by me wobbly

    Obviously, oblivious, frontin snobby

    Heat to the Mojave, heat to the robbery

    Beat, to the rhymin, each, brother probably

    Taxpayers killed the mayor, and the senator

    Rhyme sayers say a prayer, see a minister

    Drinks are on the house, the house is on the hill

    The hills are on FIRE, it started in the fields

    Smoke inhalation, no ventilation

    No fire station, no assimilation

    Minus the heroes and plaques memorial sites

    become burial sites, from high aerial flights

    Hover over David Blaine, I'm here to save the game

    Fifty-two pick-up witcha brain

    Alone lies the man on the track

    Lonely as the dagger in my back, staggerin fowards

    Fallin face flat, still spittin at you

    Still gettin at you, they're all laughin at you

    My greatest gift of all was the ability to fall

    Get back up and fall, get back up and fall

    Get back up and fall and crawl and get back up and brawl

    And make 'em lick the balls

    Now the dagger's in my back pocket, I hear the track I rock it

    Pull your arm outta socket, reachin for the cockpit

    Rock shit, roll shit, control shit

    Hold shit down 'til we slow on some old shit

    I'll stick the pin in your neck just to earn respect

    Stuff the paper in your mouth if I have to spell it out

    Or write it on yo' forehead cause that's what I'm about

    Run the route, bring water to the drought

    When all else fails on the trails of love

    Hate becomes judged, happiness won't budge

    Wickedness does just as wickedness does

    And I'm just gettin a buzz, I'm sayin it just because I can

    Just because I am a man

    With the, hand that fit it and the teeth marks embedded

    But God's hands, grip tight, and don't forget it

    The evil in your heart is, misery's home

    Where ugly is bred and grown, I refuse

    I defuse the bomb but just for a moment

    And like out of NOWHERE comes yo' worst opponent

    The first ones on it, the last to leave

    All my, trash is treasure, that's how it's perceived

    At the end of my spin when the heights achieved

    I'ma leave with a bang like how I was conceived

    There's thieves in the temple with tricks up they sleeve


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