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    Baby I'm your star, but you looking for a super hero
    And Superman don't fly no more cause he ain't one with the people
    He ain't nowhere to be found, when he should be fighting evil

    You make me whole It's not the movies, but it fake the role
    I try to take control for the sake of soul
    But the only thing I get to do is scrape the bowl
    When God made me, said “break the mold”
    I put foot to the concrete and shake the road
    I don't have powers like a caped crusader
    But I do have powers like an Ace invader
    Back in the days he had so much flavor
    He was so major to get you out of danger
    Now you can't find him, and he's just a stranger
    And if you did he'd probably give you the finger
    Your hit channel's evil on your channel changer
    And your hero with a lifesaver threw you an anchor

    I really don't know what you thinking of
    I can't make it wet from underneath my glove
    I can't see through walls but I can see through you
    You dress up the ball but that's all you do
    You fell for him, he didn't fall for you
    And just me is what I got to offer you
    I don't save the day, I just pave the way
    In the city of Gotham where every day's a day
    I know it pays to play, but I ain't playing
    I ain't laying my coat down; know what I'm saying?
    You want lots of muscles and lots of green
    But my hustle and bustle is my only thing
    It ended all bad as my last song seems
    You need a star in your life and not in your dreams

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