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    A bunch of wild boys was hanging around
    At the local neighborhood saloon
    And some cat kept dropping quarters down in the jukebox
    Playing all the favorite tunes

    And back by the bar playing cards looking hard
    Was big bad Solomon Jones
    And watching over his luck
    Was the love of his life
    Is the lady that was known as Simone

    When out of the night which was dark and cold
    Into the smoke-filled dimly-lit room
    Stumbled in a thug
    Who was smelling like bud
    And his eyes looked high as the moon

    He looked like a man with his foot in the grave
    And his lifetime about to be out
    Yet he slapped down some hundred-dollar bills on the bar
    And he yelled out "drinks on the house"

    Now nobody could place where this dude was from
    But we knew that he was far from home
    But we drank to his health
    And the last to drink was big bad Solomon Jones

    Now there are some G's
    Who just run the streets
    And they live life in and out of jail
    And such was he, that kind of OG
    That looked like he'd been through hell

    With his hair in cornrows
    A mean mug grill
    Like a dog who's day is done
    He lit up the green stuff in his cigar
    And took hits one by one

    Now I got to thinking who this cat could be
    And what the hell is- going on
    Well I turned around and who was staring at him
    The lady that was known as Simone

    And the white t-shirt all stained with dirt
    He was trying not to be rude
    But he was trying to find another
    Good song on the jukebox
    So he could just set the mood

    Have you ever been out in the city streets
    With the gang-made players so clear
    Where the police and gangsters control the block
    And gunshots is all that you hear

    When the only sounds are the drums of war
    And you left out in the cold
    A half-dead man in a half-dead world
    And a yellow-brick road to go

    Then all of a sudden the music changed
    And everyone just held their post 
But it felt like a life had been robbed from you
    And everything that you held close
That someone has stolen the women you love
    And that her love was a devil's lie 
That your heart was gone and the best thing that you could do is crawl away and die 
It's the painful cry of a man's despair deep down in his bones 
I guess misery enjoys company, said big bad Solomon Jones

    And the stranger turned
    And his eyes had burned
    In a most peculiar way
    And the white t-shirt that was stained in dirt
    He sat in to watch me sway

    Then his mouth had frowned up in this kind of grin
    And he spoke in a voice so clear
    "Boys you don't know who I am
    And I know that you just don't care"

    "Now I'ma say these words
    'Cuz these words are true
    And when I'm done here I'll be gone
    But one of you boys is a shiesty dog
    And his name is Solomon Jones"

    Then I ducked my head
    And the lights went out
    And two guns blazed in the dark
    Then I women swooned
    And the lights came on
    And the two men laced with the starch.

    With a bullet in his head
    And pumped full of lead
    Was big bad Solomon Jones

    What a thug from the street
    Who was hoeing his heat
    And who knows to that lady named Simone

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