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    Nobody move, nobody gets hurt

    [ VERSE 1 ]
    When it first hits you
    And you figure out the truth it's quite shockin
    To see the mic rockin, beat knockin
    They throwin punches but I'm blockin
    I hit the open gash and I clock em
    Rock em, sock em, my only intention
    Is the off-the-ground suspension
    With the decision for mid-air collision
    Crash! That's my intention
    All that means is smash a rapper, bash a rapper, rapper slash
    Remember what happened last time a rapper flashed?
    To throw flames he forgot that hell was hot
    No brains, you just parked your car in Salem's lot
    And Sky-Cam knows who I am
    The shots will be aimed at you, helpless lamb

    [ CHORUS ]
    I hold it down (serve and protect)
    Blow up the spot (serve and protect)
    Take you out (serve and protect)
    The mic is mine (serve and protect)
    The time is now (serve and protect)
    I speak the word (serve and protect)
    Close your mouth (serve and protect)
    And that's my job (serve and protect)

    [ VERSE 2 ]
    Statistics say linguistics pay
    My mystic display made em insist that I stay
    Huh, I'm on the level where I meditate and levatate
    And dedicate every awaken day so I can celebrate
    My last drink of water, my last piece of bread
    I'm the last bullet in the chamber aimed at your head
    Stranger, cause you thought I was better off dead
    Not shot out of anger but duty instead
    Look, me and you rappers got one common thread
    We both speak the language so you know what I said
    The spot only grounds where I bled
    The tracks are my tears from the love that I spread
    Grieve no more when you breathe no more
    Do you believe in happiness or believe in war?
    Speak no more, talk no more
    I open up my pour-through and I walk through the door

    [ CHORUS ]

    [ VERSE 3 ]
    Better calm your nerves before you get served
    For sure I give you what you deserve
    And then some, I win some, I win some
    I win some, I win some, I hold em for ransom
    Has nothin to do with bein handsome
    When I enhance em
    I dance em around like a marionette
    I bet, then string em along like a pet
    Poodle, walk the dog but get stopped in your tracks
    Shake the ground and you drop to your back
    The uncontrollable urge for me and the beats emerge
    Sends a surge of shockwaves through my words
    And you are my target
    I got a infinite amount of ammunition just to spark it
    In the end all you heard was a scream
    Diggin as dug in the concrete, a disappearing dream
    And don't tell me how it seems

    To hold it down (to serve and protect)
    To blow up the spot (to serve and protect)
    To take you out (to serve and protect)
    The mic is mine (to serve and protect)
    The time is now (to serve and protect)
    I speak the word (to serve and protect)
    Close your mouth (to serve and protect)
    That's my job (to serve and protect)
    With respect

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