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    (Feels good)


    There's moonlit skies in the middle of the night

    It's so surreal but it don't seem right

    Look into the light with all your might and sprite

    Take it to new heights, you're ready for the fight


    They start to swarm you, they never warn you

    Jumping all on you and tryin' to harm you

    If I was you which I'm hardly not

    I'd tighten up game so I never get caught again

    On again, off again, in again, out again

    In the streets, in the pen, life's a whirlwind

    Wife or girlfriend or just a mistress

    Momma, daughter, grandma, the wife or sista

    You can't resist it, you can't deny it

    You can't reply, ya can't lie, ya can't get by

    Ain't shit funny with a blinded eye?

    I find it I just wanna scream mutha fucka die

    [Chorus] - 2X


    Itty bitty footsteps, aches and pains

    You wanna stake the claim

    Someone should fake the game

    Your indian dance don't make it rain

    But it make it little harder try to break the chains

    It's all the same, it's all in vain

    All-City, all-state, all Terrain

    But all somebody's wanna make a name

    But it's all in the famly and all contained

    I hope this dope don't kill you fast

    Skills won't last, still in the past

    Roll in the fast lane til' you crash

    Now put your hands in the air, feel the blast

    What's the conclusion about the solution pollution

    I'm still trying to figure it out

    But I'm cool down here boss, whatever the cost

    I'mma still keep diggin' it out

    [Chorus] - 2X


    Your showing me what I see (what I see)

    It's not how you sadden me (if it ain't real)

    I'd rather be miserable (and know where I am)

    Illusions never sound, so derive


    Now ron law sound so raw

    I hit the mic swiftly and clown all y'all

    Now all y'all wanna all choose sides

    I refuse to lose, now who's gon' die?

    Not me, I'mma live forever

    I'mma keep it together, do the weather with a feather in my hat

    However if you know any better

    You know I'm a veteran I'm clever and I will be back

    Im on my own, and so is you

    And everything I'm telling you is oh so true

    It's all so new and old school too

    I know somebody's listenin' but don't know who

    Talk is cheap and life is cheaper

    You up to ya neck but it still gets deeper

    Check your beeper, check ya watch

    Check ya phone, make sure ya two ways on

    Hold your horses and let em' run

    Let em' out the gate and have some fun

    Pick you a throughbred and be number one

    And pick one more and ride off in the sun

    [Chorus] - 2X

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