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    Aceyalone (spoken):
    Excuse me, sir
    Whose microphone is this?
    "i think it's that guy over there"
    This guy over here?
    Excuse me, is this you're microphone?
    I mean, I've seen a lot of mcs on this microphone
    But this is your microphone, right?
    "yeah, yeah, it's mine"
    I mean, what I really wanted to know is,
    Is this really, I mean really, really your microphone?

    This microphone is mine
    Whenever I hold it, I transcend time
    This microphone allows me to shine
    Bright, with the light
    This microphone is my weapon
    This microphone is my confidant
    This microphone is my magical wand
    To make all y'all, all y'all
    I mean all y'all respond
    This microphone takes me one step beyond
    This microphone helped to save my soul
    This microphone helped to pave this road
    They say "what do you do? "
    I say "what do you mean? "
    They say "what's your profession"
    I say "microphone fiend"
    This microphone is the one and only thing
    That lets me live, lets me open up and give
    This microphone helps me not be broke
    This microphone helped to feed my folks
    This microphone always keeps me awoke
    I tell the truth and I don't tell jokes
    Now check it
    I tell the truth and I don't tell jokes
    Now check it out
    This microphone, when it's in my hand
    With or without a band, or a mic stand
    I command, even if it's static-y and distorted
    I still gotta automatically record it
    This microphone, connected to the power supply
    My thoughts blossom, like flowers in the sky
    This microphone...

    Deactivate factor
    We fracture microphones
    Is that a microphone? a microphone?
    Go on and roam, take out loans
    If you wanna own, backpains, swallow it down
    Live from la, it's peace and aceyalone
    Speak rhymes over cell phones
    Now I know you not gonna sing that song
    Why? 'cause ain't nobody gonna understand that, homes
    This fool is the most assured ? ? and thongs on
    Down car phones, somebody passed out
    With the car door opened, assed out
    Run up on him, see what he got
    A nice box of microphones, microphones
    These are the same ones being slung to the clones
    Oooh, another busted busta getting broke by the microphone..

    Acey (spoken):
    Okay, now I see you proved you're point
    So now, I do have another question for you
    "what's that? ", "why so many questions, man? "
    I want to know, who's style is that?

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