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    This is not a love ballad but it is a slow song
    (? ) tell you 'bout this girl I know well this girl I used to know
    Her name's

    Sweet makeba

    Yo how you doin' baby it's been a long time
    Haven't seen you in a couple of years and the last I heard you lost your mind
    Well how you been who you been with how's it been goin'
    Still into hip hop are you still flowin'
    Oh yeah that's cool
    We should kick back maybe have a session
    I remember you tellin' me you had to get away couldn't stay another day
    In the life of l.a. in the city
    That's peace
    Yo where you been china africa greece
    Least you coulda dropped me a letter or a phone call
    Let me know you was all right
    Your friends and your family and they kept tellin' me
    Makeba disappeared in the night
    Now I know that you had big dreams makeba
    But I had big dreams too
    And all this time you were searchin' makeba
    Did any your dreams come true
    I remember I used to be down for you and you was down for me
    I had your back and you had my back makeba
    I wanted you to be my g

    Yo you know I got another girl after that right
    She kinda looked like you too a little bit
    Sweet makeba
    Yo why don't you just come to the crib you know
    We could listen to some music talk about things

    Ooh I see you're not a young girl anymore and you're all grown up
    And you been around the world
    Wanna see what life's gonna offer you it's your young world and it's all for
    You probably got a man in every country that wants you
    Like I wanted you but you didn't want that
    Remember how we used to make love makeba
    'member how you loved it when I hit it from the back

    I had love for you
    I had wanted you
    I had needed you

    I remember comin' to your house seven in the morning
    Ready for school but we didn't even go
    It was right back to my house where we kissed liked kids
    And we jumped in the bed and you know
    I loved makin' love to my makeba
    She was like my queen of sheba
    I remember how we used to smoke chiba
    Oh you don't smoke no more well that's cool
    Well everybody gotta stop sometime
    I remember one time when you hid my stash and saved my ass from the one time
    I remember some fools tried to jump me and you jumped up before anybody did
    We used to say if and when we get married we'll have kid after kid after kid
    After kid
    After kid after kid after kid after kid after kid
    Damn that's a lot of kids

    Sweet makeba
    I had love for you
    I had wanted you
    I had needed you
    How I loved makin' love to my makeba

    Well remember how the whole crew used to hang tough
    Well everybody's doin' they thang and stuff
    And everybody's still actin' like they know
    And a few more people ain't w/us no mo'
    Oh me I'm just chillin'
    Makin' my music livin' and buildin'
    Tryin' to make a million out this little ol' dime and this nickel
    And lickin' lickle shots for the prophets we forgot
    But other than that I'm glad you back on deck
    I expect to see you in the near future
    If you wanna just sit and chat talk about the good old days
    Good old times what was in style what's goin' on now
    Cause it has been a while
    Honey girlfriend
    Left in a whirlwind put a brother in a tailspin
    Just twirlin'
    Had a few laughs and kicks
    But me and my clique don't be trippin' no tricks
    I still got a piece of me to give you
    You still got a piece of you to give me
    You listenin' but you don't hear me
    We can pick up right where we left at but
    I gotta be me and you gotta accept that
    I just wanna be homies
    Cause I ain't got love like monie
    Cause soon as you got close you got ghost
    And you tried to leave acey 'lone-y
    So hook up w/me if you can cool
    But you know I know what you get loose to
    And if you play your cards right get your shit tight
    Then we might be down like we used to

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