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    * movie quotes from Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing"

    "Hate!It was with this hand that Cain iced his brother."

    "Love!These five fingers, they go straight to the soul of man."


    [Chorus: Aceyalone - repeat 2X]

    Love and hate, love and hate

    Love and hate, love and hate

    I love you/I hate you, I love you/I hate you

    I love you/I hate you, love and hate

    [Verse One]
    I want you to live life/I don't care if you die

    I want you to laugh/I want you to cry

    First they're your friends and then they your enemy

    At first they give you love and then they combat your energy

    You love dem niggaz/they make you sick
    You love dat woman/you hate that bitch!

    Let's make love/nah eat this dick

    I love my music but I hate this shit!


    [Verse Two]

    Now take this ring - I thee wed

    Tongue-kiss each other and jump in bed
    Have a couple kids and break a little bread

    A few years later I'm takin yo' head

    Better luck next time/I'm glad you lost

    Pleasure to meet you/now go fuck off

    I like yo' looks and I like yo' style



    "The story of life, is this.Static.. I love you."

    "But if I hate you..."

    [Verse Three]

    They smile in your face/and stab yo' back

    Blow you a kiss/and they grab yo' stack

    I love it when you dat, I hate it when you don't
    If I never woulda told you, you never woulda known

    Love thyself, and don't hate me

    I hate to admit it/but you're so lovely
    Either she loves me or she loves me not

    Naw fuck that shit you about to get {*BLAM*


    [Verse Four]

    You love yo' folks/but you hate they ways

    You love growin up, and you love those days

    Invite me over and you kick me out

    Hate to find out what love is about
    Hate hoping/but love won't fail

    Send love lettes/and you get hate mail

    It's all one love/and it's one hate too

    You give yo' love - and they still hate you!


    "One hand.. is always fighting the other hand."

    "The left hand is kickin much ass."

    "I mean it looks like, da right hand love is finished."

    "But hold on, stop the presses, the right hand's comin back!"

    "Yeah he's got the left hand on the ropes now, that's right!"

    "Damn!Oooh, it's a devestating right and hate is hurt!"

    "Down, oooh, OOOH!Left hand hate K.O.'d by love."

    "If I love you, I love you.But if I hate you.."

    "There it is, love and hate!"

    "I love you bro."

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