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    [Chorus: repeat 2X]

    Lemme hear somethin'

    Lemme hold somethin'

    Roll somethin'

    Lemme show you somethin'

    What'chu know good

    What's poppin' wit'chu

    What's happenin'

    What's crackalackin'?
    How you mackin'?

    You still bad actin'?

    [Verse 1: Aceyalone]

    I'll be in the back rappin'

    Clownin' and laughin'

    Jumped up
    When I heard somebody was cappin'

    I'm usually kickin' it and coolin' and lampin'

    Then I heard wackass rappers was runnin' rampant

    They always wanna sample it

    Take it for they own

    And take it home

    But they eventually break a bone

    But I'ma take 'em on

    To the break a dawn

    I'll take your girl and make her moan

    Shit I'm in the zone

    Sorry for fuckin' up your little tea party

    My bad, just wanna show you how we party

    Losers night out, hit the club like a champ

    Find me a spot on the floor and set up my camp

    Cuttin' up the amps and dancin' with some ladies
    Been livin' shady since the late eighties

    A date maybe, in a purple moon

    I was dippin' so hard that I broke the spoon

    I like to float about five feet off the floor

    Offa brown rum, green bud and off tour

    Off the head, offa the pacific shore

    Rhymes galore, what more could you ask for?


    [Verse 2: Casual]

    It's like the buddha bomb brothers we gutter

    I let 'em shine now I close the shutters

    On the others so let's begin

    The way I finesse the pen

    Keep me runnin' through women

    Like estrogen

    Little mama with the sexy skin

    Still lets me in

    In the bay jet skiin'
    With two lesbians

    I leans gangsta

    Whatever you catch me in

    Even a Harley lookin' out for pedestrians

    Cats remember the rap

    The center is action packed


    Raw raps will hinder them

    With more momentum than a pendulum shift

    Bear witness to the synthesis I'm hittin' em with

    Casual and Aceyalone
    You crazy? Imagine your brains being blown

    Nigga burn somethin', learn somethin'

    Blow somethin' like you want something'

    If not, lemme hold somethin'


    [Verse 3: Big Arch]

    I'm living large like a fresh white 3-X
    You give me respect

    And if you don't like it get the eject

    I detect a gang of haters in the 380

    Your innovator

    Beat creators

    Keep thinkin you gon' be major

    O say ya got me gone off doja
    The rap composer

    The shit I just told ya

    Should hold ya

    Wanna dose of ya nigga?

    Hold your composure

    I'll be back in another twenty-four

    When I get sober

    Lo and behold

    A nigga flowin' so cold

    I grab the microphone

    And turn it into a sno-cone

    Ha! Big nigga gettin my smoke on

    When I leave I'll still be bumpin up on the system in your home

    Uh! While you willin' to get it on

    I'll be killin' this song

    Got you feelin' it in your bones

    The chrome steady driven it in your dome

    Makin' sure you niggaz get it and then I'm gone

    I'm through your zone like I'm Jerome Bettis n'

    Ha! You know you gon' get it if
    I'ma give these niggaz a dose of they own medicine

    You come off in this nigga's home

    Showin' the wrong ettequitte

    C'mon killa

    Mind your manners my gorilla

    There's plenty of scrilla

    And bananas for a nigga

    But you gotta be a go getta

    Get you a good girl

    Don't get you no gold digga


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