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    This goes out to everybody in the whole wide world
    Fresh coast gettin' rowdy
    We don't represent out west we signifyin'
    We showin' out
    And we about to tell y'all what it's all about
    So as I ease back from this microphone
    I'm a let it go to aceyalone
    Little somethin' like this


    Check it out people whoever you are
    Whoever you with where ever you at
    Where ever you from where ever you goin
    I'm 'on' put you up on this here cause youse not knowin

    Verse one:

    Let me take a little time out to holler at ya
    You go get your partners cause I'm fit to drop a bug in your ear
    See what we have here is uh ruh yeah
    The helluva I'll type shit you fear
    That's cause we knowin but you don't really know
    Cause every nigga that call hisself rappin don't really flow
    Really though
    I'll open up my mind and take you places you can't go
    I woulda been a catcher behind the plate but you can't throw
    Cause you don't know but you don't hear me though
    Yo check this out
    My body collapse in the raps
    And snaps like a wild mongoose in a trap
    Better watch your table manners boy and give me room
    I'm servin' shit constantly tune
    And laughin' like a ticklish babboon
    On the way to the moon w/a stick and a broom
    And the cream of the crop hip hop cause we be
    Crackin' the whip on the poppin' be pimpin' the whole punk block
    At the junk shop
    Fellowship shop shape sha-bob-a-lob-a
    Sloppin' the side of a pig pen with the grape ape babboon
    Wanna see this jack o'lantern panted planted ball that don't bounce
    Against the wall like you think
    Well thanks but no thanks
    Pranks or no pranks
    I'm a let 'em know they can't rank bank or no bank
    I would if I could but I can't so I ain't gon' stop flowin'
    But I'll put you up on this here cause you's not knowin'

    Damn acey flay me he kinda hittin' I ain't bullshittin'
    Written into the fellowship you know freestyle
    Meanwhile back at the hall of justice
    Abstract bust this this track ain't for suckers

    Verse two: abstract rude

    Immediately exceeding the reality of normality
    By radically and automatically startin' off rapidly
    Rap w/me
    Come on perk a little work a little
    In the middle nuclei we are responding
    Stimuli dim the lights
    I gotta really grab you
    Cause you just not knowin' about flowin' I can climax to
    You rap too short too long too slow too fast
    You lacks on point you wrong you won't last
    I'm up on a good foot you're out on a bad note
    I'm dope
    Automatic oh yes
    Creatively talkin' about how I'm fadin' you vocally
    Your mouth's not openin' man you just not knowin' damn

    These niggas got me fucked up aw what up abstract rude
    Rap dude ain't nobody fade the fresh coast
    You know them heavyweights you know what I'm sayin'
    That ganja k you know what I'm sayin'
    That dolla holla comin' w/that watts up you know what I'm sayin'
    It's like I ain't even tryin' to understand why people comin' at me
    W/that nonsense
    They ain't knowin'

    Verse three: aceyalone

    See I engineered it I geared it I steered it
    I took it to the whole world and everybody cheered it
    I hauled it I yes y'all'ed it and they feared it
    I called it I outlawed it and they cleared it
    Now I am I and it is it and that's that
    But ain't that a bitch
    It ain't shit
    Think it ain't all that that they say
    Forever and a day
    To live and die in l.a.
    California u.s.a.
    But I am a universal soldier
    Walkin' through the party tryin' to find my way
    Bumped into my main man ganja k
    I gave a nigga a pound and he lit up a j
    I took a hit and a half and got high and a hey
    My coconut was mellow but my vision was gray
    Looked on the dance floor and I seen my dj
    Cool hands kiilu grand he knows what to play
    So we headed for the booth to get the party on the way
    Walkin' through the crowd I heard somebody say hey
    It was mikah 9 he said what up double a
    Tryin' to make my pay tryin' not to stray
    But you know my forte I let a sleepin' dog lay

    We on that old missin' link
    In between the baboon and the common man
    They don't understand tho
    They ain't even tryin' to know
    Check this out

    Verse four: mikah 9

    I and I echo with old sentiments
    Rudimentary tenements
    House reverberates
    Richochets to small invertebrates
    Even all these spineless jellyfish
    Rhyme-less bass with no taste jazz
    Enthusiastic spastic hemophiliacs
    Memorabilia or acting siliac sense(less)milia
    Minature expenditures
    Spine tingling adventures
    Keenly architechtures
    Of a lecture
    That blockade and bust dental caps and dentures
    Hey! let's start a new business venture
    No you're not dreaming I'll be the pincher
    The millimeter by millimeter doberman boombastic mix
    Where rotweiller while a rhyme of
    Graffiti traffic autobiographic
    Ethnic cleansing benzing lacing
    Culture oscars inch by inch deans and costners
    Who foster my rhythmic memories
    Collectible sacks of my mossberg and telebeam
    Scope enemies with enemas
    I'm leaving them helpless and hopeless like the
    Running victim that falls in the scary cinema

    Huh huh it was like three black guys and they like had skills
    Yeah skills
    They were like kinda kinda funky and fresh and stuff

    Yeah nigga you just not knowin'

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