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    What is that.. in the stereo

    That's Acey/A.C. - Automatic Control
    What is that.. in the stereo

    AHHH!That's Acey/A.C. - Automatic Control

    [Verse One]

    I can leap over a buildin with the greatest of ease

    Get up and rock the party like you wouldn't believe

    Get everybody goin they'll be gone with the wind

    Go all around the world come back and do it again

    I can really rip a rapper for whatever it's worth

    And introduce you to the greatest show on earth

    Oh it's beautiful, isn't it?I had it since birth

    And it feels so incredible when I'm puttin in work

    It's like I'm headed for heights, I'm ready to fight
    They said it be light, they said it be bright

    I said am I right, now what's the use of rockin my boat

    Well any way you rock it I'ma keep it afloat

    It's like I fly in the ocean, I swim in the sky

    I'm live in a stereo, I'm so energized
    For all of you guys, and all of you gals

    This is what they sayin when they hearin them styles


    [Verse Two]

    Off the head to head, born to dead

    Arm Leg Leg Arm back to Head

    Hmm, infrared, telescopic

    Audio'll transmit fiberoptics

    The speed of sound, in full surround

    A full metal jacket with a new compound

    Amplified, deep and wide

    Jump into your ride and lean to the side

    Lo and behold I hit the Project Blowed road

    Headed for the mountaintop, lookin for gold mode

    I sold the gold but never sold the form
    It's hot it's cold it's warm throughout the storm

    Freakazoids, electric ladies
    Radioactive robotic babies

    Fuel-injection and dual exhausts

    A cable antenna when the signal is lost


    [Verse Three]

    All up in your circuit breaker, doin my thing

    Yo crank it to the maximum oh WHAT a machine

    Movin in slow-mo, not makin a fuss

    All of a sudden when they push the button I get a rush I'm gone

    Climbin up the walls y'all, under your skin

    I know it's gonna happen but I'm wonderin when

    So I pace myself, and brace myself

    Just in case myself, wanna try to get away from me

    My main objective, remain effective

    Fuse together rhythms that'll keep you connected

    Misdirected, disengaged
    Disinfected, a brand new page

    Hit the corners and hug the curbs

    Smash on the gas that's all you heard

    Check the monitors, heatin up thermometer
    Live wire kiss and you Twist like Oliver


    What is that...

    What is that.. in the stereo

    That's Acey/A.C. - Automatic Control

    AHHH!That's Acey/A.C. - Automatic Control

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