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    You can lock your door from the thief, never the liar
    I got a firm belief, fight fire with fire
    When there's one too many chiefs, all the indians conspire
    And somebody gotta go so I can take it higher
    Cause I'm a live wire, underneath the radar
    State of the art parts, Darth Black Vader
    Quicker than a shotgun blast on the trader
    Baddest motherfucker both sides the equator
    Ready and available, heavily equipped
    Steadily my boat rock, but it never flip
    I'm heavy hand on the plan tryin to get a grip
    Permanent underdog, it's all in the script
    My bars went way up, ego went through the roof
    I swallowed the truth right along with my pride
    I died and came back again, buildin up my stack again
    When the world tries to back you in, then you've gots to ride
    Lone vigilante, bounty hunter nomad
    Boba Fett, no regrets, everything load-ed
    My mind is the only thing heavy when I tote it
    The one to go down with the last bridge and you know that
    Head barely on straight, my heart's in the right place
    Still workin on my masterpiece, plannin for the great escape
    Get a load of me, look at how I'm takin shape
    And I'm so far ahead of the game, make no mistake
    Last of the Mohicans, a reverand deacon
    Minister Maximillion speakin, heat seakin
    I'd rather leave your mind open than to leave it leakin
    Aceyalone-wolf, forever and a weekend
    The Goddess said she loved me, angels said they had my back
    How the hell could I lose, I accept my fate and that was that
    Jumped off a moving train to do my thang on the track
    Stopped in the heat of the moment, for the impact

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