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    I think

    My name's the reverend deacon minister maximillion speaking to you
    About the laws of the land and flaws of man
    See the walls can't stand higher than we can put 'em now can they
    Anybody need to be saved today
    Got a 2 for 1 special w/a shave today
    Now how 'bout I wave the tray and I pave the way
    To the front of the church I don't really wanna hurt ya
    But what I really wanted to say was that uh
    There's something special inside of my mental cargo vessel
    And it runs on lethal ethyl methane profane
    Kinda like a flux capacitor
    But it ain't no passengers
    It's more like a capsule that snaps so quick
    Or the rap's so sick or the absolutely
    Put together each and every link and get me cosmically in sync
    I think

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