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    Light it up! Yeah
    Put it in the air (high lights, high lights)
    (high lights, high lights)

    Bubble kush, cat piss, purple rain
    Hash plant, thai stick, white widow, wreck the train
    Indo, outdo', to the brain
    Orange brown redhead, green, the potent strains
    Bongs, blunts, and zig-zags
    Bubblers, bowls, blowin out of big bags
    Twist up, roll up, pack up, hit that
    Scent so strong in the air, where you get that?
    Afghan, Pakistan, lamb's bread, skunk
    Acapulco Goldy, hydro funk
    Blueberry, chronic, chocolate chunk
    Northern lights, buddha bless, cannabis cup
    And that's what's up

    (high lights, high lights)
    (high lights, high lights)

    The legislation wants regulation
    Want to interfere with my cultivation
    My personal usage for meditation
    And medication to help the patients
    Cancer, asthma, emphysema
    Back pains, migraines, grass is greener
    Glaucoma, arthritis, epileptic seizures
    Medicine man make me a believer
    Cheech & Chong, "Reefer Madness"
    "Half Baked," _How High_ heal the masses
    Light that, puff that, dump the ashes
    Take 2, take 3, take 4 and pass it

    (high lights, high lights)
    (high lights, high lights)

    Super silver, Hawaiian haze
    Sativa, indica, Solomon's grave
    Genesis, chapter one verse twelve ways
    Marijuana, hashish, everybody blaze
    Fuels and fibers, energy saved
    When the natives met the travelers, guess what they gave
    All praise due to the seeds they raised
    And the people all over the world that smoke J's
    Kings and queens, musicians, actors
    Everyday, working class, stoners, slackers
    Low key blazers and green bowl packers
    If Mary Jane is in the house then I'm gon' mack her

    (high lights, high lights)
    This is dedicated to everybody in the world that smoke weed
    Legalize it
    (high lights, high lights)
    Eat it, use it for fibers, Aceyalone

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