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    When I first splashed out the water, it was all wet
    Covered in blood, mama covered with sweat
    The umbilical cord wrapped around my neck
    Chokin' me, doctor pushin' me and pokin' me
    I said to the motherfuckin' nurse "You must be jokin' me"
    Ten fingers, ten toes like it's supposed to be
    Thank god it ain't no coke in me
    That's what my momma spoke to me
    She said, "Son, your uzi weighs a ton"
    The world for you has just begun, now go Darien have some fun
    But don't abuse time on earth 'cause time's worth more than gold
    The here is here and the now is now and the world is hell and cold
    So off into the street I strode
    I think I'm supposed to take your head as far as I was told
    It's a shake-shake of the dice, you should take-take my advice
    You dealin' with snakes and mice, that means you can't win
    But losin' I'd never have trouble choosin', 'cause what I'm gon' use 'em
    If it ain't worth doin' now, it ain't worth doin' at all
    I ain't bullshittin' wit y'all

    Your life is here and now
    No need to beat your brow
    These moments won't belong to you, tomorrow

    Well here I am, here I stand, here I be
    Behind this mic tryin'a set my life free
    Let my shit be testimony of a G
    Who seen sights that other people just couldn't see
    They say "Where you wanna do it?" I say "Here"
    They say "When you wanna do it?" I say "Now"
    They say "How?" I say "With my style, one of the few things I got in this world
    My family, a couple friends, my beautiful baby girl"
    And procrastination, lack of motivation in your operation
    I'm sorry but I just don't have the patience
    You'll never get a second chance to dance
    While you sit on your hands, we spit out the jams for the fans
    And I'm so far advanced, I had to bring it back some
    And I said fuck it, let's take it to the maximum
    Like walking with your legs broken, mic spoken
    Arms draggin, staggerin' and laughin', here and now
    I don't cry later, I put it down now, I don't wanna try later
    I seize the time, the eves from behind
    I freeze-frame the game for the grind, I came for your mind
    Not for the fame, but the deaf, dumb, and blind
    'cause everybody's gonna get just what come to 'em
    Find your God, and run to 'em

    I wanna talk now, no you can't call me back
    You're too anxious, yeah, you could call me that
    I wanna eat now 'cause there the food right there
    No I can't wait, I just want my fair share
    So where the food at? Call all the shots at
    "Patience is a virtue," Yeah man, I got that
    But my clock reads half past a monkey's ass
    And a quarter to his balls, and it's moving fast
    I just wish some people wouldn't dick around
    'cause I want it here and now, I can't stick around
    Yeah, so I probably won't be in the lobby
    Waitin' for Bobby to give me a jobby-jobby
    Hey Simo, primo, Kemo-sabe
    Knees knobby, but stand firm, not wobbly
    So where we at? ight here, when time is a now
    Motherfuck the day, motherfuck the trial

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