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    She's a dirty birdie, she's so flirty

    Coming out the house looking all nice and purty

    She's a whirly girly, she don't get up early
    She like to sleep late and party like LaVerne and Shirley


    There she goes, she's a freaky-deaky, thicky-mickey

    She kinky, she stinky and she take the winky-dinky

    She dingy and janky and she love the hanky-panky

    She fucky sucky shucky ducky, screaming "Spank me!"
    She itchy scratchy oochie coochie, Gucci luchi

    She tooty fruity with the booty and she love sushi

    Now who's she? Now who's she?

    (chorus 2x)

    There she goes at the clubby-clubby, rubby-dubby

    Drinky-drinky bubbly-bubbly

    Lovey-dovey in the cutty with the buddy-buddy, chubby-chubby

    No they ain't fuddy-duddy, they like putty

    Like to say "Daddy-daddy!" and blaze fatties
    Make you go baddie-baddie for the meat patty

    She like it real juicy-juicy and she loosey-goosey

    You know she like Acey-Deucy and she work the poo-sy

    Now who's she? Now who's she?

    (chorus 2x)

    There she goes, sweet honey-bunny she yummy-yummy

    Always screaming "Money-money!" like it ain't funny

    Put it in her tummy-tummy, she cummy-cummy

    Yes she's a mommy-mommy but still stunning

    Rum with the Coka-Cola, she like nola [?]

    Talking on the Motorola, outta controlla
    Make a homie happy-happy for the nappy-nappy

    She said "I know it's sloppy, papi, but get at me"

    Who dat be? Who dat be?

    (chorus 2x)

    There she goes she's big and pretty with the titties

    Next to miss itty-bitty with the fat kitty

    She like it bang-bang chitty, nitty-gritty
    Dancing to "Doo Wah Ditty" in the city

    Big booga wooga sugar, she my nigga

    She don't stop get it get it, and I dig her

    Now who is her? Now who is her?

    (chorus 2x)

    Girls the girls they love me

    Girls the girls they love me

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