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    It's about the art

    It's about the alright.. alright listen

    First rule of Art Club, there is no Art Club

    Second rule of Art Club, there is no Art Club

    Walkin around, talkin to myself

    But you're only crazy if you answer back and the chances of that

    Are high enough to scrape the sky, me myself and I

    My inner battles are way more excitin than the ones I have on the mic

    I have the time of my life
    Dissectin it, overstandin it and perfectin it

    And protectin it, it's become my drive

    The more it gets to be heard, the longer it stays alive

    My Art, Club

    We meet daily, we sleep rarely, we bend barely

    Fairly new, very artsy, very artsy

    Do not disturb the session in progression

    Just my teachers, and students and employees

    And a map of the world, I could rap to the world, destroy MC's
    Let it be noted that, no one man can hold it

    Most overloaded and folded under the pressure

    Most difficult task, last shall be first to get the treasure
    To carry hot stones is an honor, and a duty

    Storm weather, warm weather

    And rainy nights, my Art Club built of solid steel

    Yeah you know
    And one diamond light

    Your interpretation of artists you know

    Will always be in the forefront of the world's..

    Future, it's past, imagination y'know
    Yeah it's true, aight..

    I refuse to take part, in any lesser art - felt

    Break your little hip-hop art and watch you melt
    First assignment, evoke the path, provoke the future

    Choke and strangle your Devil before he shoots ya

    Full of serum to fear him

    But my Club supports the God so it's difficult to hear him
    We meet, over the beat, bring your drum machines and (?)

    Dem days fly by fast, meditating with the sensei

    Be forever in debt with the powers that be

    My solid steel integrity, kills a celebrity
    So let it be, we shall fulfill our destiny

    My Art Club

    [uncredited spoken word poet forms the song's outro]

    The current show was called,

    "Art Hurts: Visions From Young Los Angeles Artists."

    It was a madhouse!

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