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    Yeah! Woo-coo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooh
    Yeah! Ace One!
    Yeah, and you know what I told you
    I don't do this for myself
    I do this strictly one hundred percent.. for you
    {*scratched in background: "This one, for you and you and you"*}

    Yeah, I do it all for you, I do it all for you
    I do it all for you, I do it allllll for you

    They put me on the wrong world, yes they did
    Star on my forehead bless this kid
    They threw me in headfirst, blind in the dark
    In the alligator pit with the rest of the sharks
    All I could think about was how they set me apart
    I never knew a killer whale who had so much bark
    The heart of a lion, I'm sharp as a dart
    And it took me a long while to master the art
    {*scratched: "This one, for you and you and you"*}
    You know why?


    I'm Aceyalone, how can I be of service?
    What else do you need besides superb wordage?
    Man I stay heated like a burner from the furnace
    My shoes always brown, same color as my shirt is
    I write authentic, always all in it
    Outside the law, raw, never fall timid
    Always ahead of myself, pushin past the limit
    We taught the world to freestyle now it's a epidemic

    {*scratched: "This one, for you and you and you"*}
    Yeahhhh! Woo-coo-coo-coo-coo!


    I walked the long mile just because I had to
    I'll be glad to add to the pile if I have to
    Ain't a situation on earth that I can't adapt to
    I do what I got to, {?} to
    I am what I am but that ain't all I can be
    Spend a lifetime tryin to big up the family
    I leave 'em with they eyes open wider than Bambi
    They don't understand me, that's why they abandon me

    {*scratched: "This one, for you and you and you"*}
    Yeahh! Yes man!


    I'm always on next and ready to bust it up
    Work hard, play hard, never a customer
    Skills stay hardy at the party for sustenance
    Man I'm on the grind, I'm a non-stop hustler
    I'll fight the fight that nobody will fight though
    Spite those fools that be tryin to bite dope
    I'm like no other MC on the mi-cro
    I might go psycho, keepin it tight though

    {*scratched: "This one, for you and you and you"*}
    One two! Yeah yeah, yeah yeah!


    No guts, no glory, it's the same ol' story for
    I'm out with my nightstick, cruisin the corridor
    They always wanna ask why you swingin that sword of yours
    Because I'm a warrior, killin them more and more
    Who you gonna call when there's so many to choose from
    You win some, lose some, now who wanna do some
    A new somebody who be tryin to prove some'
    Now I gotta move some, and give you a new sum

    {*scratched: "This one, for you and you and you"*}
    Woo-coo-coo-coo! Yeah-heah!


    Yeah I'll put a fire to the house that Jack built
    I rose from the grave for the people that crack killed
    My name on my buckle when I'm wearin my black belt
    I gave you half the world now tell me how that felt
    Cause anywhere you go, I'll be right behind you
    And if you don't know, then I gotta remind you
    Hold on to your parachute and jump when it's time to
    Cause I was designed to have the people to rhyme to

    {*scratched: "This one, for you and you and you"*}
    No shit! Yeah-h-h, didn't you know?


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