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    Yeah, say what
    Now how the God damn pot go and call the kettle black?  that bull shit
    Yo, but this ain't though
    Chapter 7, verse 1, attention


    All balls don't bounce, some balls roll and some balls hang
    And some people have a ball doin' they thang
    Now what's the result? your life is biased
    All one-sided surrounded by liars

    Trials and tribs
    It's all ad-libs, and all breakin' you a coupla ribs
    Now what if I breaks the tail on the lizard
    Is it gonna grow back?
    It is and you know that
    But that ain't the case
    I picture the place
    I capture a kodak and show dat face
    You're just a shit stain on the draws of life
    And the trials of life, and the styles of life
    You won't be happy 'till you lost your life
    Or lose your mind, or die of boredom
    Or try to kill 'em all and let your God sort 'em
    Better earn your keep, and learn to leap
    Or burn in your sleep
    Tryin' to get a little somethin, yo I peep
    You bein devoted, but you shoulda let it seep thru the mask you sported

    [with chorus in background]
    You ended up a swiggler caught in a swiggle
    Just gimme the signal
    And I'll state the terms
    As long as I can be there with fate to change
    You smokin sherm
    Orwhatever the name, you're a trivial part in a trivia game
    Now what's your aim? a presidential campaign
    Like ross perot, he lost it though
    But he got a billion in da bank for show
    Oh me I'm po' and you like me
    But I don't like you, nigga you all fronts
    And I won't let one apple spoil the bunch
    Now get yo' hat & get yo' coat
    All afloat, we goin' back to the real
    I got a question, answer me this
    What if me and you got caught in a twist
    And you accidentally got caught by the fist
    What's the gist, or what's the justice
    Or better yet what if I had got busted
    For tryin to go out like general custer
    Well kiss yo' family, meet me at the juncture
    Better have a little bit a acupuncture
    I reckon that you gonna have to smoke another bongload to get you enough
    To open your mouth
    Because I doubt that you know what it's really about


    Heard you keep your jewels in a safe
    That ain't safe with a $10 locket
    I keep mines in between my front pockets
    Cause I'm a darkie and they want me
    Castrated, assassinated, well here's your merit
    Better wear it
    With pride, just don't get all mushy inside
    And don't get pushy
    Or wishy washy, your heart is squishy
    When it should be strong, your tail is bushy
    When you shouldn't even have one
    Do you want another big hit of the bong?
    All balls don't bounce, now you wanna get indignant
    Show your stupidity and act all ig'nant
    Now you got pigment, so you my kin
    It's like the hand it's still on ice
    So you might starve tryin' to carve you a slice
    With a little brown rice and some black eye peas
    Or 2 black eyes and 2 broke knees
    And 2 broke niggas tryin to steal the cheese
    Got family ties, your family's giving
    Your family tries, your family's living
    Your family croaks, dies of a stroke
    And that's the end, but then you awoke
    As a baby again
    So in your next life you can be squabbler
    And eat peach cobbler till you get fat
    You can even live in a manshion or a wigwam
    Just remember all balls go flat

    All balls don't bounce, all balls don't bounce and the nonce know
    All balls don't bounce and punish know
    All balls don't bounce and dj kilo know
    All balls don't bounce ....mikah 9 know
    All balls don't bounce....abstract know
    All balls don't bounce....fat jack know
    All balls don't bounce....? ? ? ? ? know
    All balls don't shack (? ? ? ? ) know
    All balls don't bounce....ganjah k know
    All balls don't nigga jupiter know
    All balls don't bounce....volume 10 know
    All balls don't bounce....? ? ? ? ? know
    All balls don't bounce....? ? ? ? ? know
    All balls don't bounce....tyrone know
    All balls don't bounce....the west coast know
    All balls don't bounce....the east coast know
    All balls don't bounce....the world know
    All balls don't bounce, all balls don't bounce, all balls don't bounce

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