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    A Beautiful mind, turned water into wine
    But that's not all
    Broke the water, shined through
    Shaped the earth, created the colder life
    Radiated with energy, the great boat of life
    The spark
    Sparkling through the dark night
    Then walked
    And took forever without a thing in sight
    Didn't hear a sound to the first?treat?
    ?Deaf to the ocean swelled?, washed up a miracle
    A Beautiful yours or a beautiful mine

    By the grace of fire, out sprouts the land
    And did desire, footprints in the sand
    On top of the mountain peak where the man speaks to himself
    Cursing to them with a start
    What he felt can't be described
    It's alive
    Rise with the tide
    Communicate with all sides, nothing wants to die
    Build a nest, build a bridge
    Build a tower
    Construct a dam, dig a hole
    Build a flower
    Ultraviolet rays magnified the essence
    All praise to the presence, one pure thought
    Taught him the lessons
    This spread with the first migration of the heads
    The first wants to flock

    A beautiful yours, a beautiful mine
    One's so enlightened; one's so divine
    The planet's hour line, all devoid of time
    A beautiful mind

    They opened up the brain and opened up the heart
    What is man made of?
    Love from the dark
    The will to invent the will
    Work the field, the shield, the intent to kill, the uphill
    Matter of existence, matter of persistence,
    Matter of distance to search for the mystics
    Finder of lost souls, teacher of apostles, the mind's so colossal
    Oh beautiful mind

    Oh beautiful mind, a beautiful idea
    One that was right here, blind to the naked eye, tied to a fear
    Once it was nothing and now it is here
    A beautiful mind

    Not accidental, coincidental, experimental
    A beautiful man, though a touch so gentle
    A life so simple to spin on the axis to access the temple
    A beautiful mind

    A beautiful mind, put fruit on the vine
    At the same time he made love a crime
    Mellowed out the strings of all mankind
    Walked along side you when you was left behind
    Purified the waters, carved the canyons
    Fed the families when it was starved and famine
    Drew the blueprints so everyone had a chance
    Organized the people and made man advance
    A beautiful yours, a beautiful mine

    Something outa nothing
    Oh, what a far cry
    More than a hard tribe
    Pointed out the start guide
    Made love, made hate
    Saved sake
    Nothing left the crate but fate
    Constructed structures, ? a labyrinth
    Detailed a portrait
    Healed nations
    Took blame when no one else was happening
    Evolved the species, and had patience
    Wrote the scroll in thousands of languages
    Came with us to fight against a giant?
    Created chaos, pervaded destruction
    Made law and order and then corruption
    Laid the foundation for all things to stand on
    Then cleared the ground for the mother ship to land on

    Sailed across the seas, followed the breeze
    Cured disease
    Made poison
    Settled the fear, took them on the righteous path,
    Gave them the math, and still had the time to laugh

    What a beautiful mind to have

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