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    Hey pretty girl, is your life worth that wine you're drinking?
    And do your elegant clothes, supplant your deepest needs
    Your beautiful hair, that crowns your face
    Can it cover those tears you've been hiding

    Hey you look so happy
    With your charming smile and handsome face
    All girls will fall on their knees
    You thought you're full of love

    But you can't breathe
    Look into your heart and all you'll see is a hollow space
    Wondering what's missing
    Wondering who can fill the space
    Don't you know, life's more than that, believe it
    Don't you know, what it cost Him for you to live

    More than your beautiful hair,
    More than your elegant clothes,
    More than your handsome face,
    More than your shiny pearls,
    More than your big house,
    More than your fancy car,
    More than that, life's more than that...

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