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    Well, I see you starin' from the front row, girl
    With a challenge in your eye
    Darin' me to knock you out of your seat

    And can't believe that a guy like me
    Could rock you till you're paralyzed
    And leave you beggin' for more, like a dog in heat

    Now, if it's rock and roll you came for
    It's rock and roll you're gonna get
    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
    We got your rock! Right here
    We got your rock! Right here

    If you still don't understand
    I'll shout it out loud and clear
    We got your rock! Right here

    You got a backstage pass and a nice little ass
    And you say you want to take me home
    And I must admit, you really got me hot!

    And it's nice to know that I've won your heart
    ''cause that's why I'm here you see
    But you won't get me as easy as I'll get you

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