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    Well, I'm staring down from Venus in the dead of night
    My mind is flashin' back to when the world was right
    Your guns and bombs keep rolling off the assembly line
    And people keep on starvin' and you think that's just fine

    With my head in the clouds it's easy to see
    We better live together peacefully
    You know the world is still your family tree

    So keep it straight... Remember Me
    It's not too late... Remember Me

    Well I'm floatin' and spinnin' and flyin'
    Above the Earth's atmosphere
    And I've got a few things to say
    You may not wanna hear

    Now there's just enough time to repair it
    As long as you don't let it get you down
    But there's not a whole lot you can do for yourself
    When you're buried underground

    There's so much yellin' an screamin'
    And lyin' and cheatin' and robbin' and preachin'
    That we've heard it all

    We need some lovin' and carin'
    And kissin' and huggin'
    And helpin' each other
    Or we're gonna fall
    And that'll be all
    Remember Me!
    Remember Me! Remember Me!
    Remember Me... Thank You, Good Night! We LOVE YOU!! Rock N Roll!!

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