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    You want to rock and roll!
    It's been your big dream
    You oughta celebrate
    Girl! You're only sixteen

    Ignore your Mom and Dad
    And do what you feel
    You gotta be yourself
    And follow your dreams

    Don't let them call you a juvenile delinquent
    Don't let them say, say that you're bad
    Don't let them call you a juvenile delinquent
    Just follow your dreams, you'll never be sad

    You ain't a kid no more
    Adolescence behind
    You're lookin' good these days
    Believe me, girl!

    I'm not blind
    Now there's no turning back
    Baby, you've made up your mind
    It's time to stand your ground
    You know that you've turned the tide

    Life's too short, you gotta realize
    The days go by, turn into years
    Rock and roll, it's just a way of life
    It's here for me, for me and you!

    It's time to party now
    Enjoy what we've missed
    Screw everybody else
    And raise up your fist

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