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    Two a.m. On a downtown street
    There on the corner two strangers meet, In the night

    And then until the daybreak
    They're gonna love and before the light
    A heart may break, there in the night

    Look in the alleys, along the roads, it's there the losers stand
    There in the ring they bide their time, hustling what they can
    They beg just to get
    That bottle in their hand

    There in the night
    Somewhere in the night
    Oh how they do what they do
    Just to get through
    There in the the night

    Then on the street in the heart of town
    A lady in black she turns around, in the night, yeah
    She stares at the man in the Cadillac
    He drives by but he'll back...for the night
    There in the night

    See the guy along the road who can he be?
    Wait awhile, he'll turn around
    See the man is me
    ''cause when I sing my dreams will set me free

    When the sun goes down
    And the light grows dim
    Slowly movin for the kill

    If you would come back again
    It would take away this pain
    But I don't know if you ever will

    Love in the night
    Would feel so right
    So love me tonight

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