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    Tick-tock, i saw the clock
    But you felt so good that i couldn't stop
    And all along i thought it was wrong
    'til you sang a new song and you came along
    With those eyes you could hypnotize
    I reached for you but was paralyzed
    I thought i sank down deep enough
    But i couldn't quite love you off the cuff

    So i thought i'd stop to talk the talk or
    Walk the walk to find a way to stick around
    All a sudden you had your grasp
    I lost my breath and hit the ground
    Pound round for round, i tried to stand
    Felt your breath and touched your hand
    Man, i reminisce the kiss i miss
    Don't know if i can handle this

    Let me be free

    It used to be i'd walk a mile
    To taste your laugh and see you smile
    Now all that's left is circumstance
    With cheap perfume and cheap romance
    Still i knew that i would feel
    All wrapped up tight in your little pill
    Chewed up, spat out, walked upon
    Tried to drink the cup but your grace was gone

    Ten past ten i tried again
    To unlock the door and let you in
    When like a draft you crept within
    Blew up, blown up, like the wind chill
    Factor, faster than i could
    If i knew you weren't gonna love me then i
    Never would have gone inside your heart
    Where lies abide, and tried to stay alive

    Let me be free

    Woke up at the break of dawn
    You locked me in and you were gone
    Woke up at the break of dawn
    I should've seen it coming, all along

    Let me be free

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