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    Time has come
    Dreams turn to reality
    Glance to the future
    Skies are amalgamatin'
    With the earth
    Eternal oppositions
    Light and darkness
    Neverending battle is goin' on

    Trails of offence
    Washed off by blood
    Scars will remain

    Where' is you - respond to me
    Approach and confide
    Reveal secrets - burn the lies

    So hurry up
    Towards new day
    I'll guide you to thither
    Where time has died away

    Before dawn
    You'll see a starshine
    Follow for it
    And you will come

    To the gates
    Of defeated prospects
    Pain & fear
    Forever gone

    Cast away the chains
    Desired freedom
    When all will be done
    Last words will be said
    Know that I will find you
    And together
    We will go away
    By hand in hand

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