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    Surrounded by disquiet
    Call from depth of soul
    Flare up an utter battle
    A storm coming from North
    Clouds come to blows
    Fighting till the death
    Approaching fear
    Wipe off memories

    Heaven opens wide
    Vortexes gathered at once
    Every cloud form up
    Of a martial host
    In the sky, on the ground
    Frenzied wind, thunder. s roar
    Everywhere raging & droning
    Bright like day shafts abroad

    Breams of clouds stand on end
    Water streams and sheaves of fire
    Symbols of the commencement
    Fall upon a sinful ground

    Spirits of the night
    Celebrating wedding
    Winds are whistling melodies
    For their eerie dances
    Lost among a routine
    Experience trampled in filth
    Might of false and flattery
    Revive inferior dreams

    Final symphony of sounds
    Proclaims downfall of the world
    Burning hot temptation. s thorns
    Thrust remains of abandoned soul
    Falling through the emptiness
    From enormous crag of reverie
    Blinded by a pitch darkness
    Disappeared in yawning abyss

    Heaven battle flare up
    Everything around screaming
    Drawing near a great wrath
    It. s reflection - inner fear

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