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    Winter on unbounded space
    Snowy rug covered the ground
    Birds are long since fly away
    Dim firmament wrapped in clouds

    Foliage. ve already fell off
    Left to lie under the snow
    Slender branches stretched to the sky
    Dismal trees shiver with cold

    As soon as triangles of fir - trees
    Stay enveloped of white wreath

    Dense wood impassible and strong
    Stick up reveal boles

    Sadness bursting in to my heart
    Grieve for the past, depressive state
    Severe thoughts gnaw from inside
    Future at the shroud of haze

    Twilight comes - I. m shrouded by dusk
    Cold of evening will ensnare
    Snow - flakes as tears from eyes
    Ward off beams of withdrawal day

    Piercing wind blows in to my face
    Bites a skin and watering eyes
    Locked by frost, all strengths have drained
    Severe cold sank to the ground

    Lonely raven is soaring in height
    Black bird prophecies my fate

    Silence reigns, creak of trees
    Blow away by howling wind

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